Our Modules


The system provides complete inventory management and stock level indications for performance and lead time enhancements. You can generate Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receipte Note and all the required purchase documents within the system.


This Module covers the financial part of the organization. It would keep track of complete accounting records and would help the management to get the complex financial information e.g. Cash Flow Statements, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Ledgers and other accounting records on a regular and timely basis.


The payroll and attendance module would maintain the complete Employee information and history. The Attendance system could be integrated with the Attendance Device and gets the IN/OUT information automatically. This daily Attendance, alongwith the Leaves, Lates, Deductions, Bonuses etc. information would be transferred to the payroll module on a single click and it would generate the Salary Slip at the end of each month.


This module has the customer database and user can send SMS, Emails or Newsletters to them in one go. The customer would be categorized in custom control groups to have more control over better relationship management by marketing people.


This Module processs the Customer Orders and Delivery. The Sales module provides the regular sales trends and sales forecasts to the Sales Team/Management. The system keeps track of the orders in hand and transfers the information to the production/manufacturing team for in-time order delivery.

Tools & Security

The system is designed to have a very high level of front-end and back-end security. Every user has specific system entry rights, which are controlled by the Security Manager. The system administrator will be responsible for every new user creation and proper rights assignment. The system itself keeps track of user LOGIN/LOGOUT and logging information against every transaction that has been made.